Facebook functions and features

Facebook is the leading social network in the world right now. It has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. The Social network has an approximately 1.11 billion active users as of March 2013. With this kind of growth, the developers keep coming up with great features that will enable the users navigate the site with ease. It is pivotal that you get to know the different features that you will enjoy if you join Facebook. The Facebook features are divided into categories and they are listed below.

Facebook functions and features

facebook features

These are features that allow you to communicate with the different groups of people in your life. The groups offers you a private arena to share messages, photos etc. with the people in your group. The group features include:

  • Group messages; this feature allows you to share messages with any member of the group you are in. This feature is however available to only small groups for now.  It is easy to start a conversation with any member of Read More…

Features and working of Facebook ads

Facebook Ads are advertisements posted with the help of Facebook. These ads get published through Facebook channels and gradually become popular depending on the quality of the ad and the nature of advertising adopted by the user. Advertising in Facebook is volatile, a bit expensive and of course challenging in its own way. There is a lot of competition, so naturally it is a challenge to become 100% successful. Still people enjoy posting ads through Facebook because it offers a great outlet for small business owners and entrepreneurs to get a worldwide exposure.

How To Post Ads On Facebook?

facebook ads

The working of Facebook is quite simple. Everything is self explanatory. Once you create a page for your online business or company, you will be able to post your ads through an option offered by Facebook. In your profile, to your left-hand side you will be getting a list of categories that allows you to undertake a wide range of networking and communication activities. In that you will be seeing a category called “Pages”. Under this category there are a few subcategories and one of them would be ‘create ad’. By using this option you can create different types of ads.

You can post 8 types of ads in your Facebook. These categories are based on the nature and purpose of an ad. If you need ads for getting more response for your page posts, you have to choose the option of Page Post Engagement. For gaining page Read More…

Facebook mobile apps for every

Over the years social media has become one of the most used channels of communication. This is because they give one an opportunity to communicate with their friends who are far from them in terms of geographical area. Among all the social media network sites, Facebook is one of the most used social media site. Facebook.com has great features that offer you a chance to communicate with your old friends as well as make new ones. With Facebook, you can chat with your friends, make conversations, share photos and video etc. there are many more great features that come with facebook sign in.

facebook mobile

In the past, Facebook was only available in Web through P.C or computers. One would have to either use their Laptops or go to Cyber Café to access Facebook. However in the recent past, Facebook has introduced Facebook mobile that allows you to access Facebook on your phone. The Facebook mobile is accessible on any type of phone all you need to do is download the perfect app for your phone.

Facebook Mobile Apps

The Facebook Mobile apps for every are available to all smartphones, whether android operating phones or IOS operating phones. For persons using the iPhones or iPads, you can download the Facebook mobile apps from the iTunes App store. There are some people who may experience difficulty downloading the app, if that happens then you should contact the customer service for Facebook.

Android operating phones can download the Facebook Mobile Apps from Google play, to some phones the Google play is represented by the play store. One thing with the Android phones is that you will have to keep updating the Facebook Apps to Read More…